Male Underwear Model Diet



Male Underwear models have extremely low levels of bodyfat, and  to lose bodyfat, they eat less. The books and the DVDs listed on this page will cover the topics that are important to you as a guy seeking to look like an underwear model more than we ever could in an article like this. You'll learn about:

  • High carb muscle building diets vs. high fat/low carb diets for muscle gain
  • High-protein, low-fat dieting.
  • Lifting to preserve muscle during cutting.

Diet For Underwear Models

Most books recommend that you get ripped in 2 phases: first a muscle building phase, then a fat loss/dieting phase. The biggest fear of so many men who lift weights is what happens to all that muscle they worked so hard to build up - once they decide to go on a diet. Everyone who goes through that "cutting" phase will lose a small amount of muscle, but the loss can be minimized- if not completely eliminated - with the right diet and supplement program.

Our recommended books and DVDs will show you how to cut your calories and carbs down, and increase your overall healthy fats. Aim for a calorie deficit of around 400 calories per week from your maintenance level to keep the fat burning to a max and to minimize muscle loss.

Low carb diets are great for getting ripped, but don't let those muscle flatten out too much- otherwise you will start losing valuable muscle protein. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) taken throughout the day on low carb days and before your workout will really help keep the muscle on. BCAAs and glutamine become very important for keeping muscle mass gains, and should be taken before and after every workout.

Don't cheat on your diet if you want to get truly ripped. Nobody ever said looking like an underwear models would be an easy to obtain goal! The benefits far outweigh the trouble though- and you will transform your body.

Some good diet books to help you get ripped and stay that way are:

Underground Bodyopus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition by Dan Duchane and also The Anabolic Diet (Mauro Di Pasquale) are great books that really help to minimize or eliminate muscle loss when getting ripped. Also check out Fats the Heal, Fats that Kill (Dr. Udo Erasmus) for a primer on healthy fats. The importance of healthy fat intake such as omega 3 and others is huge. You will be bigger, leaner, and stronger if you learn about healthy fats and how to work them into your diet.

The Best Fat Burning Supplement for Getting Ripped

Yes, you have heard of Ripped Fuel, but one Fat Burner we recommend is NxLabs Methyl Ripped Hardcore $25.95. It is a strong formula that initiates activation in 3.1 seconds and helps you better forcus on your lifting.