How to Plan for Your First Underwear Model Shoot

If you are curious on how to negotiate a successful underwear shoot, you are likely close to entering the underwear modeling field. If so, be sure to read our advice on how to become a male underwear model. But, let's discuss tips on how to protect yourself:

Your professional image is


Develop a Professional Image

Athletic young guys with well-defined muscles and well-defined abs can become underwear models if they build name recognition for themselves. Gathering a fanbase and supporters helps to create a "buzz" for an underwear model. They use this buzz to get noticed by Underwear Brands.

You may be qualified to become an male underwear model. Simply being qualified is not good enough

How to Pose in Underwear

If you are searching for how to pose in underwear, you are likely ready to take photos of yourself and are looking for poses you can mimic. You may also be considering starting a career in male underwear modeling. If this is the case, be sure to read our tips!

Male Underwear Model Workout Routine

Developing a body for underwear modeling requires hard work in the gym, discipline, and following the right weight training techniques consistently. Most trainers will agree that achieving a male underwear model's physique is a simple concept. You need a ripped, muscular body. To get your muscles ripped, you need extremely low levels of body fat, and to lose body fat, you need to eat less food over time.