Male Underwear Model Workout Routine


To build your body into the body of a male underwear model, you might hear advice from one expert trainer that completely contradicts what you hear from another trainer.

Many different workout routines can produce results, but you will not really discover what tactics work for your body until you begin hitting the gym hard.

Ironically, hearing different advice can have a future benefit for you. Later, you will be able to overcome plateaus by trying different exercises and different workout programs.

You may find that following the same workout routine over long periods of time no longer produces muscle development after a while.

Most trainers will agree that achieving a male underwear model's physique is a goal that requires hard work. Your body needs to be developed into a ripped piece of art. To develop ripped muscles, you need to achieve very low levels of fat in your body.To lose body fat, you need to eat less food over time... But if looking like an underwear model were a simple task, you would not need to read this article - and every male would be walking around the streets looking like an underwear model.

Developing a body for posing in underwear requires consistent visits to a gym, discipline, and consistently following the strength training techniques. To learn the tactics to follow, it is good to study to what successful models. An article (like this one) is simply not going to be detailed enough of a "plan" for you to develop a body that beats your competition. So, we encourage you to take the time to our recommended book and dedicate some time to learning precision techniques from this book.

Today you may be interested in the goal of finding the right underwear model workout routine. However, there may be some concepts you may have overlooked.

To stay motivated over time, understanding muscle-building science can help keep you motivated in during long periods of time.

One concept to learn is why trainers are strict in making their trainees follow "correct" form when lifting weights. Its also important to realize the lengthy commitment in front of you. Achieving your goals and appearing in sexy underwear photos is a worthwhile goal.

Let's discuss a tactic you can sue to stay yourself motivated...

Your Body is a Machine, Get Inspired By That Machine

Before you begin your journey, it is smart to invest in poster that helps you memorize the names and locations of muscles in your body. An anatomy book or poster helps you remember the names and purposes of each muscle group and understand these roles muscles play when lifting weights and following perfect exercise form.

A poster can also give you a daily dose of inspiration. Its also good to start seeing yourself and your body as a machine that must be finely tooled. When you realize the function and strength conditioning needed for each muscle, you may also understand the importance of using proper form when lifting.

Step one if to order "Strength Training Anatomy" or a Fitnus poster from Amazon. Some college guys prefer to that instant burst if motivation waling into their dorm room and seeing this poster provides.

We highly recommend ordering the Fitnus Male Exercise/Muscle Guide $21.99. This laminated poster shows more than muscle group names. The poster lists popular exercises for each muscle group.

Girls are another bonus for hanging this poster on your wall. Girls may see your poster and take an interest in your transformation. If girls walk into your apartment or dorm, they may ask about your poster! When girls ask about your poster, it is a great chance to get to take your shirt off to show girls your pecs!

If you don't want to project an in your face image, you can order "Strength Training Anatomy" $14.93. Packed with detailed illustrations of muscles, this book does not bore you with a lot of boring text. This book shows you exactly how you should be moving muscles properly to "have good form."

Next Step: Take a "Before" Photo and Measure Your Body

Before you begin your routine, take an evenly-lit "before" photo of yourself in underwear. Avoid strong shadows on your face and body. This photo can be a tool when you later compare your development with an "after" photo. When starting, also record the measurements of your: thighs, chest and waist. Keep these measurements on hand, because you will take the same measurements later.

Body Parts (Muscle Groups) Crucial for Male Underwear Models

Different underwear brands have varying photo styles. Some show faces of models and some do not. The companies that publish faceless photos concentrate on a faceless model to emphasize their product and not the model. A male body from below the pectoral muscles to above knees is depicted. With both of these photo styles, there are important body parts you must develop to the full potential.

Workouts for underwear modeling can be slightly different than other workouts because of underwear photography's emphasis on abs, obliques, thighs, and buttocks.

Pay extra attention to maintaining good form when exercising these body parts. Below are some things to watch for...

An Underwear Model's Chest

The pectorals must to be developed enough to show visible muscle striations after you get lean from dieting. Unfortunately, this is often the first muscle group to lose size when cutting weight, so extra attention needs to be paid to building your chest.

Our recommended book will tell you to begin training with compound movements - such as the bench press or incline press and be to train to failure (exhaustion). Train the upper chest with an incline press exercise and use bench presses and dips for overall development of the pecs. Decline barbell presses are also good to add to a chest program. Finish with an isolation exercise such as incline dumbbell flies to finish off your upper pecs.

An Underwear Model's Back

For packaging photos that show the back of the underwear, developing your gluteals is important for filling the fabric. But, also develop your back muscles for rear poses. Both width and thickness are important for a nice looking back.

An Underwear Model's Shoulders

The deltoids contain individual parts called "heads" that you should concentrate to exercise separately. Our recommended book will tell you that working the anterior head will help make your deltoids and pecs more defined from each other. This helps make your shoulders appear bigger.  Anterior deltoids are worked very hard with bench presses - so you may or may not need a specific anterior deltoid exercise in your training program. Side deltoids and rear deltoids need to be balanced with the front deltoids, so be sure to do exercises for the rear deltoids. A perfectly balanced deltoid makes your shoulders appear very rounded and perfect for the camera. 

Big Triceps Are Important for Male Underwear Models, Too

Most men who want bigger arms know that developing the biceps is their first step. If you want your arms to appear more evident in photos, build your triceps muscles, too. When the medial, lateral, and long heads are developed to their fullest potential, triceps look especially impressive. Full development helps give the arms an intensely ripped "horseshoe" shape - which adds a subtle idea of muscularity to photos.

Next, let's cover the basics. It's important to avoid only concentrating on losing fat...

The Basics of a male Underwear Model Workout Routine:

Most books and trainers recommend you get develop an underwear model body in 2 phases:

  • The first stage is a muscle building phase
  • Stage two is a fat loss and dieting phase

Muscle building/ mass gain phase

Achieving lower body fat is key to having a male underwear modeling body.  But it is not just about being skinny. To have a ripped and muscular body, you will need to increase your body's muscle mass, not just be skinny. Fat loss by itself can make you skinny, which is not enough to look marketable in underwear photos and fill the underwear... well developed muscles give a roundness and "lines" for the camera lens. Low-fat skin over flat, small muscle is uninspiring.

However, there can be a contradiction you must overcome. To increase muscle mass, you need to eat extra calories. This means it is normal to also gain a little fat in the muscle-building stage. You cannot develop muscle when starving yourself. However, your body will get to the stage you want during the second phase (fat loss):

Cutting Phase

After building muscle, you lose fat. This is the stage where your body transforms to looking "huge" to genuinely looking like an "underwear model." When you are burning more calories than you are taking into your body each day, you will lose some muscle mass along with fat. The trick is to burn off as much fat as possible while limiting muscle loss as much as possible.

How do you lose fat while not losing muscle? Different trainers advocate different methods. To get their personal training clients ripped, professional fitness trainers make the following decisions:

  • Bulking up vs lean mass gain.
  • High carb diets vs. high fat/low carb diets
  • High volume weight training vs. high intensity weight training.
  • Free weights vs. machines.

Since we have covered all the major concepts and you know the importance of why male underwear models prepare their bodies in particular ways, let's get to the book that will give you the best workout, in our opinion:

Recommended Book to Develop a Male Underwear Model's Body

We recommend you order Built for Show: Four Body-Changing Workouts for Building Muscle, Losing Fat, and Looking Good Enough to Hook Up $7.98 (from Amazon). Follow this book consistently. Its a 256-page paperback book. The appeal to a book like this is that it was written by a bachelor, for bachelors seeking to look good naked. And when underwear models pose, they are nearly naked. The book contains less "exercise science" than other books, and a lot more practical instruction. This book will teach you all the methods on preparing your body to look its best in underwear.

So, if you wish to get your body ready for posing in underwear, or to simply look like an underwear model, we think "Built for Show" is the book you need to follow, along with an anatomy guide or Fitnus poster, which will help you stay motivated during your effort and help you take your body to its most marketable level.