How To Become a Male Underwear Model


Disclaimer: This article gives you tips on how you can start your Underwear Modeling career, on your own, without this site's involvement. We have no underwear modeling jobs to offer you. We do not submit you to underwear brands. We do not want to photograph you. Please do not send us photographs of yourself.

When people see you in your undies, do they say you look hot? Are you constantly dropping your pants to show your underwear? If you love people seeing almost every inch of your physique, you probably would love your role as a Male Underwear model.

Now, most guys think of popping up underwear boxes when their underwear career gets started. But, there are other, easier ways to get started as an underwear model.

Ways to Getting Started as a Male Underwear Model

What are the ways most beginners follow to move into the underwear modeling field? Below are the most common:

  • Mail or email photos of your underwear-clad body to underwear makers

  • Get a big modeling agency located in a city such as Los Angeles, New York or Miami to accept you

  • Create your own underwear modeling opportunity using a crowdfunding site

Choose a Sure-Thing Over a Long Shot

It may seem like an easy process to get an underwear brand or modeling agency to get you attention. You create great snapshots that show your body and get those snapshots to them. Then they contact you to offer you an underwear modeling job. Then you get famous and girls flock your way. Unfortunately, success is not that easy due to competition, travel costs and other factors. Getting an offer after sending photos to a company across the country is very rare.

It is not always because you are not good looking or because someone else has better abs. If someone is interested in your, there is airfare and hotel costs to get you to visit their city. These costs can run up to several hundred dollars. A brand may like your look and think you are hot, but they can avoid all those travel costs by simply choosing a model who lives in the city where they are located. These situations sometimes occur, but very rarely. I you would like to take your chances by mailing photos of yourself to companies who hire underwear models in big cities, we have listed instructions for creating good-quality snapshots later in this article.

Although your chances of receiving the a call from an underwear brand after mailing snapshots are low, don't give up your dream of being an underwear model! There is a solid tactic you can use to create an underwear modeling opportunity for yourself. With a little work, girls in your hometown, in your state and across the country will be seeing your hot body in tighy-whiteys.

Appearing on an Underwear Box is Not Only Underwear Job

Appearing on the front of an underwear box is a very rare and hard to obtain assignment. However, that box cover is not the only goal you must aim for. You can use a crowdfunding site to organize a calendar that shows you and eleven of your friends modeling hot and skimpy underwear and be adored by everyone in your hometown. You will see how awesome crowdfunding sites are for beginner models later in this article, but , let's cover the old, historical way beginner models have used to try to get started: mailing photos to a company across the country...

Choosing the Old Way: Sending In Photos

If you would like to try to get discovered by sending photos of yourself wearing underwear to a brand or agency or anyone else who hires male underwear models, we have listed some tips on how to create the best snapshots. (Remember, do not send this site photos. We do not hire models.)

Checklist When Taking Underwear Photos:

Creating your photos outdoors is the best choice. There is much more daylight available outside than light you can obtain indoors. You also prove that you are bold guy - because you posed in undies outdoors! You are not fearful of being seen in your underwear outdoors. If you take your photos indoors, assure your body is well lit. Turn on every light in the room. Replace bulbs with 100-watt bulbs. However, some guys misunderstand and stand in front of a window. This is the worst thing you can do, because it creates a silhouette - where the viewer can see the light from the window, but cannot see you well. If you use a window, set the camera between you and the window, so your body faces the open window and the camera faces away from the window, and faces you.

Avoid shadows on your body and face. Yes, your muscles can look better with the dramatic light differences that shadows create. Guys often claim that they love the way their bodies look in the bathroom. This is because of the overhead bathroom of the ceiling lamp combined with the lack of other light in the bathroom. However, professionals need to be able to clearly see what your whole body looks like. This means they need even lighting, which is obtained with a lot of light hitting your body. If there is any confusion, they are likely to not choose you. No heavy shadows in your face or muscles.

Assure your photos are not blurry. Photos created indoors can be blurry a camera is held in a human hand. (You avoid this by shooting outdoors.) You may have taken photos a million times with the camera held in your hand, but this is one time you need to stabilize your camera. This means keeping it from shaking. Prop the bottom of the camera on a stable surfaces - a pile of books on a table or a step ladder. This means the bottom edge of the camera will be pressed against a stable surface. This keeps avoids micro-shaking that can occur when a finger presses the snapshot button.

Have a friend or parent who will take this seriously take your photos. You do not need to use the opposite sex, who might see your request to take your photo as a sexy activity. The best choice for a helper is a personal trainer and anyone who understands the human body. We highly encourage you to ask a trainer or buddy from the gym who also builds his body to take your photo. Avoid taking your own photo, alone, in a bathroom mirror. There ar a number of angle, posing and lighting restrictions. Plus, bathroom pics do not seem professional. They seem intimate and naughty. If you are afraid of a fellow lifter of the same sex to take your photo, then you are probably not ready to "go pro" as an underwear mel. man up. Get bold. Ask a weightlifter or trainer or parent to take your photos. And make sure your friend knows this needs to be a non-joking matter. No giggling.

Do not wear baggy underwear. Choose, a new pair of underwear that clings to your body. Wear a solid color style. Avoid trendy, flashy designs. Keep it simple.

Create multiple snapshots, concentrating on these muscle groups:

Body parts to Capture in Photos

You need one "headshot." When you create a headshot, the camera is close to your head and only your head, down to shoulders is seen in the photo. Do not include your body in the headshot.

You do not need to look at the camera for the remaining photos. Look down to the floor, two feet in front of your right foot, for other photos.

Shoot a full length photo of the front of your body. A full-length photo shows your body from head to toe. Once again, it is crucial this be well-lighted and not have shadows.

Shoot the following "close-up" shots of these body parts. Your face does not need to be in these close ups.

Close up: A side view of your flexed legs. Angle the camera to show your legs, from below waist to your feet. (Be sure to do squat exercises before photographing your legs.)

Close up: Crotch area. Angle the camera to only show your hips down to your mid-thigh. This will give professionals a clear view of your penis and hip. Be sure to read our advice on penis size for underwear photos, but do not send in photos that clearly show an erection. Subtlety is what counts here. Sending in a photo that shows your erect penis shows that you have lack professional judgment and may keep professionals from working with you.

Close up: Angle the camera to only show your buttocks from waist to back of your your mid-thigh. (Be sure to do squat exercises before taking this butt pose.)

Optional Close ups: If you have any special traits that other guys do not have, take a close-up of that asset. regardless of the asset, hair, back, lats, show them off with their own close-up shot.

Include Your Body Measurements

Include the measurements of the following body parts whenever you submit snapshots. Read this article on how to measure your body.

Chest size:
Bicep size:
Body Fat Percentage:
Waist size:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Willing to Pose fully nude: There is no need to answer "yes" because you think answering "no" will prevent you from getting the job. Professionals will not hold a "no" answer against you. We think it is a good tactic to discuss this at the beginning and bring this issue out in the open.

What To Do When Snapshots Ready

Once your snapshots are ready, consider mailing hard copy print outs through the US mail. Doing so avoids the chance of your photos getting lost in an email inbox and sets you apart form other guys. You can also email them. Check out our list of underwear brands. Be sure to include your name and email address on every hard copy photo. If you send photos, change the filenames to include your first and last name along with a random number as a differentiator "john-smith-1.jpg, john-smith-2.jpg, etc. (Send them off as soon as you can. Then hope you receive a response.)

But, what if you knew a way to truly guarantee you get a Underwear Modeling job and don't need to find someone to "choose" you over other guys? Crowdfunding sites is how you can take a short-cut and avoid all the mistakes other beginner underwear models make.

By Taking Control, You Avoid Sleazy People

When you create your own calendar, you avoid having to encounter sleazy characters that are attracted to underwear modeling.

What you may not know is that many unsavory guys use underwear modeling to take advantage of young men. They know that you, along with other guys, are very eager to become underwear models. Not as many guys want to pose fully-nude (which is their hidden agenda).

Underwear modeling is type of modeling that is very close to nude modeling - because models bare so much skin at the shoots. Underwear models are often completely nude in the studio because they must change into different underwear styles and it is not practical to get out of positions and walk to another room when you are you must change into 57 pairs of different underwear.

Sleazy people understand that a lot of young men do not want to pose fully nude, but would love to pose in their underwear. So, people who have malicious intent create fake modeling jobs. This is their "bait" to get naive young guys into their studio. There is no underwear modeling contract with these people and nothing will become of this shoot except for maybe more offers for increasingly sleazy and less artistic photo shoots with the ultimate goal of getting you into pornography.

They may tell you and other guys that they want to hire you for underwear modeling. Then they "surprise" you at the shoot with other offers that would have scared you away if they brought these offers up during their beginning discussion. When you are offered something with little time to decide, you do not have time to ask your friends or family if the offer sounds right. Its difficult to make a good decision.

Nude photography is not always bad - provided you are posing for artistic nudes, created by a reputable photographer who wants to make you look good in photos, and is not interested in shooting porn. But there are a lot of bottom-feeders out there who only want the thrill of getting you naked in sexual positions on film. Just imagine your mom and grandma seeing you in sleazy photos on the internet, when you told them originally that you were going to be an underwear model.

The good news is, when you create your own calendar through a crowdfunding site, it allows you to take control of your modeling career. You pose in your underwear. You gather tons of adoring fans and you avoid unethical people. You also elevate yourself professionally... since you have already done one modeling job (the calendar), professionals see you as less of a beginner.

Create Your First Underwear Modeling Job On Your Own

Many college-age guys want the adoration of being an underwear model. Who is our society is seen as more sexy than an underwear model? As such, the role brings a lot of perks. Trouble is, its ironically - too popular - of a profession. More guys want to strip down to their briefs and strut for the camera than there are opportunities available. That means, even though you may have a worked-out body that tons of girls admire in your hometown and may have that exhibitionist personality that shows no fear with being unclothed, but its difficult to get that first change to model.

However, don't overlook the inherent traits that someone who works hard in the gym has - someone like you. Your ability to have dedication and stick to your workout routine over many weeks is exactly the type of ability that is needed to make promotion of a crowdfunding project succeed. And a crowdfunding project can be your first underwear modeling opportunity! Let's explain why this is an awesome idea for you.

For years, people who hired models were in total control. You had to keep them happy and get them to choose you for their opportunity. Some often played favorites and hired guys they knew. Things have changed for male models and other talent. You can create your own opportunity with a little work. Many aspiring movie directors are getting funding to produce their screenplays into movies through crowdfunding sites. Instead of attempting to get a big movie studio to fund their movie, they just use crowdfunding sites to get funding from their friends, family and anyone who hears about the project through social media.

If you can locate eleven other friends in your hometown or on your campus, who, just like you, are willing to show off their bodies in underwear, you can use a crowdfunding site to collect funds to finance all 12 of your friends' appearance in a calendar. Once published, you can call yourself an Underwear Model!

You and your buddies appear in a calendar once it receives adequate pledges of support from your family, friends and anyone else in your hometown or at college. Each of you use word-of-mouth and social media to "promote" pre-orders of a calendar. These pledges fund the cost of printing your calendar. Surprisingly, it is highly likely one of your friends will have parents who will pre-order 100 calendars - simply because those parents really want their son to be a calendar boy!

People go crazy over pin-up calendars. Everyone wants a copy. Calendars have been published since World-War II, when troops would hang calendars of pinup models in their barracks. Its your turn to join the ranks of famous male models, hollywood actors, sexy firefighters and Chippendales, who have appeared in calendars. Being "Mr. May" in a local calendar i a sure-fire way for beginner male models to build fame in their city and get themselves noticed by modeling professionals and companies all over the country.

The added bonus? You and your buddies own the calendar and split the profits from calendar sales.

Something To Show Your Grand kids

Appearing on a girl's wall for a month is a quite an honor. Modeling for a calendar is much more special than modeling for some random photos on the internet. When you model for the pages of a calendar, you become "Mr. October" (or any other month you desire).

Year in the future, you will be able to wow your grandchildren by saying "Grandpa was "Mr. June in a calendar way back in the olden days." You will always keep a dusty copy you can pull out and amaze people at dinner time. And your calendar page will always a conversation topic. People will remark on the hair styles of ages ago. When you and your buddies stroll into a bar, your buddies will always introduce you to girls, as "Hey, girls, want meet Mr. March?"

Some Buddies Need Convincing

Some guys would love to pose in their underwear, but they are concerned their penis size might not be big enough. While your size may not concern you, your buddy doesn't know what the average penis size is for guys. He may be afraid of being embarrassed amongst his friends and girls he knows.

You may try to convince your buddy to join you in your project by talking to him. But, males tend to understand concepts visually. Some guys just need to "see how they look" in photos that show them wearing underwear. Once they see themselves one time, they no longer worry about looking stupid.

We suggest you talk to you buddy and convince him to pose for practice photos that you take with your camera. "Practice photos" are just that - only for practice - not to be published. If you do not feel comfortable photographing your buddy alone, then schedule multiple friends at the same time. Involving multiple guys, instead of shooting photos one-on-one removes the "macho" pressure. Send your friend this page (or post it on his Facebook wall): It explains penis size for underwear photography. He will see how a lot of guys avoid seeming to they a small penis in photos.

To be a calendar boy, take these steps:

  • Start talking to your buddies. Find the friends who are willing to pose in underwear.
  • Post a "project" on a crowdfunding site. Do a good, funny, thorough write-up that says a calendar that will be produced IF the reader pledged to buy a copy. The calendar should be sold for $14.95 each.
  • Creating a crowdfunding project is only the first step! You must actively encourage others off the website to support it. Everyone needs to help "spread the word." (We give you promotion tips on this page)
  • You need 600 calendars to be pledged to gather enough money to cover printing cost.
  • Get each guy to promise to help get at least 50 calendars pledged. If you do so, you are golden.
  • After the project obtains the minimum quantity of pre-orders, everyone who pledged will have their credit card charged.

How to Promote Your Crowdfunding Calendar:

If you want people who know you to support your project, you need to assure they do not know about it. Do anything you can to let everyone know about the project. Pay special attention to people who can order multiple calendars. Be sure to ask grandma. Make sure you mom asks the little old ladies at her hair salon. Tell everyone.

  • You and the other would-be calendar models must tell everyone you can. Contact family, friends, coworkers and anyone you know.
  • Search for bloggers who specialize in writing about your college, your school's sports team, or your city. Ask these bloggers to write a "post" about your effort.
  • Contact local reporters who write for your city's newspaper
  • Call the assignment desk of your local TV stations
  • Add notes to chalkboards in big classrooms on campus. Visit the night before class and write a note on the chalkboard that encourages other students to support your calendar.
  • Do anything and everything you can. Think outside the box. Be different in your promotional efforts.

You Get Help When Your Friends Combine Efforts

You may think underwear modeling is an individual effort. It is true that most underwear models appear in photos alone. If you are always the kind of guy in a group who is pulling down his pants after the night clubs empty, you may think your career move is only about one person.

However, teaming with eleven friends allows the sum total of all your efforts to be larger than anything one guy can accomplish. With a team effort, it is easier to promote the project socially because you don't seem boastful about yourself. You are asking for promotion of a calendar, which contains others, not just you.

Teaming up with your friends indirectly helps you. Without a calendar, you may not get any modeling opportunity. So, this opportunity is available for you - because of it is a group effort.

You and Your Buddies Split Calendar Profits

You begin to develop a profit after the minimum quantity of pre-orders is collected through your crowdfunding page. You and the other guys who appear in the calendar are able to share this money. In traditional modeling opportunities, someone else, and not you, would keep all the money. With crowdfunding, you and your buddies in the calendar are the owners.

Invite Outgoing Friends Who Are Motivated

You may have male friends with incredible bodies. But, you need to choose buddies who also will help promote the project. They cannot just get lazy and rely on you to do all the promoting. If they do not help collect pre-orders, the calendar will never get printed. So, don't make a friend's physical characteristics be the sole factor when inviting friends to appear in the calendar. Also invite active and energetic friends who can add a lot of enthusiasm when promoting the project.

Your Admirers Are a Potential Support System

Whenever you upload a shirtless photo to Facebook, it receives a ton of comments from your friends and their friends. Girls walk up to you in bars and say "you should be a model." All these people are start of a fanbase. It is crucial for you (and the other guys who are set to appear) to make the most of each of your individual fanbases. Each guy needs to encourage all those girls who leave Facebook comments to support your crowdfunding project by ordering a copy of the calendar.

Calendar Can Be a Promotional Tool For Your Career

You know its important to promote the crowdfunding project - so you can generate funds to get the calendar printed. After the calendar is printed, you will have a dazzling tool you can use to promote your career. The calendar can open doors for you. While other guys are only able to send unprofessional snapshots to professionals to promote their careers, you will be able to submit a copy of your calendar! People will always open your calendar to "check it out" and they will always remember the potential model who was "Mr. November."

After Printed, Professionals See Your Calendar and Are Impressed!

People you have never met will hear about your calendar. They may buy a copy. You never know the variety and depth of types of people who will order a calendar. Some buyers will be professionals who may seek you out with offers. So, in addition to your active promotional efforts, appearing in a calendar can build a promotional impact beyond your efforts. get ready for some offers!

Don't Worry About Specifics Until You Have Enough Funding

Some people get jealous. They don't want you to really appear in a calendar. Some may try to be bog you down with issues. They might alarmingly ask, "How you will get your calendar printed?" or "Who will photograph it?" or "How you will handle layout?" Its not wise to spend much time arranging for those details until you have funding. You may be surprised how many "helpers" contact you to offer their - free - assistance, once your projects seems to be seen as a success. People are attracted to a success. They want to be a part. For now, only work on promoting your crowdfunding page. you never considered. Everyone wants to be part of a success. For now, just get as many pre-sale orders as you can.

So, are you ready to be a success by launching your Underwear Modeling in a big way? If yes, start by reading some tips on how to set up your crowdfunding page. Then, start identifying friends who look good in undies and who have outgoing personalities. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your body on the pages of a calendar!

Once your calendar project is posted on a Crowdfunding site, email me at ...and we will pre-order a copy!