Do Underwear Models Stuff their Underwear?


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If you want to know if male fitness models stuff their underwear, you may be considering starting a career in male underwear modeling. If this is the case, be sure to read our advice on how to become a male underwear model. If you are simply looking to look good when posing in underwear for your own snapshots to post on Facebook, check out our advice on how to pose in your underwear. But, let's get back to discuss if male underwear stuff their underwear:

People like to giggle and joke when discussing crotches, penises and balls, but if you are considering posing in your underwear. It is a serious issue for you. Let's look at the facts about why "perceived" penis size should be important to new underwear models.

Surprisingly, if you feel your penis is not as large as your buddies, you can ironically use some techniques described in this article to assure your penis appears larger when wearing underwear.

The Eye is Drawn to the Male Crotch

Lets look at how the human mind reacts when they view a photo of an underwear model. First, almost all of the model's bare body is exposed - except for the crotch area - which is covered by underwear. The eye sees lots of bare skin and is naturally drawn to the part that is not bare. In the center of this fabric is the penis. No matter whether we are male or female, our eyes look at the penis. The mind might wonder what is visible under the fabric. Like a puzzle, we want to "fit" the missing piece to match all the surrounding bare skin we see. We imagine what the exposed penis probably looks like.

Your Penis Will Look Different on Film

This is more than an issue of how the size of your penis compares to other males or "if you are big enough."

Body parts, faces, hair and even clothing look different when translated to two dimensions. In person, our eyes see objects in three dimensions. Those objects can look different when in photos, based on lighting and angles of the camera. So, male models use techniques to overcome these issues.

Different Underwear Styles Effect Your Appearance

There are many styles and cuts of underwear. Different underwear styles cause a male crotch to look different. You may look like you have a huge penis in one underwear style, but your penis may appear smaller when wearing a different style of underwear.

As an underwear model, you rarely have the power to decide what styles you wear. Many of the styles you will model for the camera are not yet on the market - because underwear ad campaigns are photographed in advance of the product release.

When you find a pair of underwear that is a style that is flattering to your penis, do two things: immediately buy another pair of the same style and size. Do not wear this pair - except when posing for photos. Repeated washing, urine leakage, body sweat, stretching from working out and bending, along with water quality can cause fabric to wear out quickly and look different.

Some Fabric Types Are Weak or Can Stretch

Type of fabric effects the ability to support the weight of your penis and testicles. Fabric that stretches easily or underwear that is constructed of a single layer vs. multiple layers may not offer much support and allow your crotch to hang lower.

Additionally, sweat and moisture can cause fabric to loosen and for the penis and testicles to sag during a photo shoot.

Underwear Gets Pinned or Modified at Photo Shoots

Photo stylists assure the underwear looks perfect on the model's body. They don't just pull out a fresh pair of underwear out of a box and ask the model to put it on. They examine how the fabric lays on a model's body and assure the product looks as flattering as possible. What your eye does not see when looking at a male underwear model are the pinned fabric on the buttocks area of the underwear, which might be pulling the fabric taught.

Pose in a Warm, Not Cold Room

People joke about penis shrinkage from cold temperatures. However, it is an important factor for underwear photo shoots. If you are taking your own photos, be sure to choose a place that is not cold. If indoors, turn up the thermostat five degrees to cause the room to be hotter than normal. If posing for a photographer in a studio, be sure to remind your photographer that you would prefer the studio not be cold.

Mental and Physical Attitudes Effect Shrinkage

And finally, make sure you feel comfortable physically and mentally. If you feel scared or embarrassed or feel "stupid," it could both cause your crotch to recess toward your body. Your mood will also effect your facial expressions. Assure that you do not feel uncomfortable around the people at the shoot. Always ask your photographer who will be present and do not allow many people to be at the shoot if you suspect multiple people might make you nervous.

Stuffing a Sock in Underwear Appears Fake

So, assuring your penis appears somewhat larger is a smart move for a model posing in underwear, that doesn't mean you should stuff a sock into your crotch. A conservative brand, such as one marketed to high school students and mothers, may take great care to insert cotton swaddling to assure no lines of the penis are visible through the fabric. They only want a clinical, non-sexual, smooth surface on the front of the fabric. Otherwise, inserting fabric often makes the crotch area appear phony. We know the crotch area will have crevices and indentations. We know the testicles appears lower than the penis. A perfect, smooth and round shape appears phony.

Recommended Techniques to Make Crotches Appear Bigger for Underwear Photos

Instead of stuffing a foreign object in underwear, an experienced male models often use one of the following tactics or a combination of both:

  • The model strokes his penis for a few seconds to cause his penis to fill with a little blood.
  • The model wears a wide strap snugly around his penis and testicles. This support pushes the testicles forward and up and keeps them from dropping.

Partial, Not Full Erection

The first step is not meant to suggest you obtain a full erection for photos. Think subtlety. A photo that shows a male with an erection under underwear is not legitimate modeling and borders on porn. Just think of what a balloon would look like containing only one whiff of breath - and not fully inflated. The balloon is not completely flat. Instead, the balloon has a little roundness and volume. That is the technique idea one suggests: partially enlarging your penis, but not fully inflating it.

Strippers Combine Both Techniques

The strap mentioned in technique two is often used by male strippers at ladies' night shows. When they run around stage and get dollars slipped into their waistbands, they tend to sweat and the fabric can loosen. Women are intoxicated and tend to tip strippers with perceived larger penises. Just imagine visiting a female stripper joint and giving more tips to the female stripper with largest breasts.

However, male strippers cannot maintain a partial erection for long, since they are very active on stage. So, they use what is called a "cock ring." After stroking their penis to full erection, they allow their penis to partially deflate and wrap the cock ring around their penises and testicles, to keep the blood from exiting their penis. The cock ring constricts blood flow for long enough so the dancer can do a run through the crowd and collect tips.

This strap is called a cock ring because it is a device used by some men to maintain an erection longer during love-making. It is often used by users of cocaine to have sex for long periods while high.

These different tactics used by different professionals should help illustrate that you need not be overly concerned if your penis is as large as other males when it comes to posing in underwear. There are techniques experienced guys use to make your concern unimportant.

If you are ready to try these techniques to produce some eye-popping sexy photos, read our advice on how to become a male underwear model.