How to Pose in Underwear


Disclaimer: This article gives you tips on how you can pose like an Underwear Model model. However, this site does not want you to pose for us. We have no modeling jobs or opportunities to offer you. We do not submit you to photographers or underwear brands. We do not want to photograph you. Please do not send us photographs of yourself.

If you are searching for how to pose in underwear, you are likely ready to take photos of yourself and are looking for poses you can mimic. You may also be considering starting a career in male underwear modeling. If this is the case, be sure to read our advice on how to become a male underwear model. But, let's get you ready to pose on your own:

If you want to end up with high quality photos that impress your friends, we encourage you to spend some time preparing the location and yourself before starting to snapping away. Good quality is more than just finding a body pose.

Prepare Your Location and Background

First, prepare your location. Don't try to be fancy. The more in the background behind you, the more distractions will draw the viewer' eye away from you. Taking your photo outdoors is best, because of lighting and lots of open space. If you must take your photo indoors, choose a plain solid color wall. Do not hang a bed sheet. Take framed art off the wall and move any clutter away so there is six feet of empty space away from the wall. The end of an empty hallways also make good spot to take your photo, provided there is enough light to assure your body is well lit.

Don't Look at the Camera

Beginners think they must have their face in every photo and look to the camera. Look to the floor or ground. Underwear photos are all about what little you are wearing and your sexy body. Instead of looking to the camera, look down to a spot on the floor about 4-5 feet in front of your right foot. A model looking away from the camera allows an easy way to bring a slight note of sophistication to the photo. When you look to the camera lens, your facial expressions become important. We just want to show off your body in these photos. When you look at the camera, it is common to have a photo that shows your body well, but your expression is not as good as another photo. Or you may have a photo with a great expression, but your abs don't look as good. Keep it simple. Concentrate on your body in these photos. Just look to the floor.

Penis Size

If you are posing in underwear and are male, be sure to read our tips on how to make your penis look its largest as possible when wearing underwear.

Camera Angles Important

Subtle changes in camera elevation can have a big impact. Try taking photos of the same pose at multiple camera angles. Try the sam pose by lowering the camera a few inches toward the floor. Angling the camera from a lower angle can make your body look bigger. Shooting your body from above can make your chest look bigger and emphasize your crotch (if your crotch is protruding from your body as directed in our tip on how to make your penis look bigger).

Lighting is Important For a Beautiful Body

Your body needs to be lit by a lot of light, but do not pose with a window behind you. If indoors, turn on every light in the room. Shooting outdoors is much more preferred because there is ample daylight. You also send the message that you are not fearful of wearing underwear outdoors.

Avoid shadows. Yes, your muscles look great in the bathroom with overhead lighting, but people need to see what your whole body looks like. Shadows disguise your body. No heavy shadows in your face or muscles.

Photos become blurry when you shoot indoors and your camera or cell phone is held in a hand. If your friend holds the camera in his or her hand, they should prop (stabilize) the bottom of the camera on a stable surface or table.

Avoid Self-Pics Shot in Bathroom Mirror

Have someone else shoot your photos. Avoid bathroom cell phone pics. If you are afraid of someone else seeing you in your underwear, or are afraid of seeming "gay," then you are not ready to be a pro. Be bold. Its time to grow up and be professional. Ask a friend or parent to take your photos. And make sure your friend takes this this photo session seriously. No joking around.

How to Pose for an Underwear Photo

Getting a good pose is not all about finding a dazzling pose on the internet. Its about making the best out of the basics. The best way to capture the best pose in photos as a male is to flex each muscle group appropriately. offers some great advice on flexing muscles. Its pretty difficult to concentrate on keeping each muscle group flexed as much as possible. This is another reason why you should keep your pose and body position basic and not look at the camera. We encourage you to follow their tips:

How to Flex Your Leg Muscles

How to Flex Your Upper Body

Keep the Poses for Your First Photo Shoot Simple

If first shoot, just keep the pose simple, straight forward. You do not need multiple poses. Avoid thinking you need an awesome, unique dazzling pose. The pose is all about your body. The unique and dazzling body positions you see in magazines is the result of the photographer capturing many, many photos and paring down all those hundreds of photos down to one special photo.

You can experiment with poses during future shoots. For this first shoot, keep the pose a simple, straight forward full length or 3/4 length photo. (Three-Quarters length means from your head to just above your knees.) Experimenting with wild and crazy poses risks the chance of the pose not looking good in the finished photos.

If you are ready to try these techniques to produce some eye-popping sexy photos and take it to the "pro" level, read our advice on how to become a male underwear model.